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At Bay Area Plastic Surgery, Dr. Gray and his team are excited about a new advance in non surgical breast lifts. The LazeLift was developed by Dr. Gray in 2012 as a procedure to lift the nipple and shrink the areola. What is special about this technique is that the procedure is scar-less and is performed under local anesthesia. As a leader in his specialty, Dr. Gray recognized the need for a scarless breast-lift. There are many women who experience some degree of breast drooping but do not need a full breast lift. In the past, a Binelli Lift would be adequate for these women, but resulted in a circular scar around the areola.

Using the most advanced laser technology, Dr. Gray devised a way to shrink the skin of the breast as well as the areola resulting in a less droopy and perkier breast. In addition, he found a way to perform this operation without the use of anesthesia or an IV.

For this procedure, you can expect a 1-3 cm nipple elevation immediately after the operation and between 2-6 cm of elevation two months post-operatively. There is no scar and there are no stitches associated with the LazeLift. A snug-fitting sports bra is worn continuously for two months to ensure support post-op. Dr. Gray has found the results of this lift persist and are maintained over time.

Non surgical lift Recovery

Post-operative bruising can be expected but most women find the procedure to be easy and comfortable with a low level of discomfort. Patients have been able to return to work and resume light activity the following day or shortly thereafter.

non surgical breast lift & Aug

This procedure can be performed by itself for women that don’t want to increase their breast size. Some patients combine the LazeLift with breast augmentation.

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Average Cost  
From $4,500
Recovery Time  
6 Weeks
Average Procedure Time  
4 Hours
Post-op Follow-up  
3 Months
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