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Breast Augmentation & Vertical Lift: Tall & Thin Woman, San Francisco CA

Procedure Details

This woman was displeased with her deflated and droopy breasts after having children. She chose to replace the volume in her breast using a Mentor, High Profile, smooth, round, memory gel, 550cc silicone implant placed sub muscularly. In addition, she chose to address her droopiness with a Vertical Breast Lift. This lift has less scarring than the traditional Anchor lift in that there is no long scar in the inframammary fold (under the breast). With this lift, I sew breast tissue to breast tissue giving internal support so breasts are less likely to droop and bottom out over time. The High Profile silicone implant, that the patient chose, is perkier than the Moderate Plus line and the Low Profile line. It projects out approximately 1cm more than the Moderate Plus line and 2cm more than the Low Profile Line. The High Profile line, is the second most popluar behind the Moderate Plus line. The Low Profile implant, is the most conservative line and is chosen  least frequently nationwide, for all three implant companies. The High Profile implants tend to give a perkier result with a bit more upper pole fullness. The end result for this patient is a soft, natural, tear drop appearance with cleavage of 1cm, and minimal scarring. Her results will be long lasting. Overall, this patient is very pleased with her result.

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