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Breast Asymmetry in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

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Breast asymmetry is a common condition among women. It occurs when one breast is larger than the other. In most cases, the size difference between the two breasts may be so subtle that it isn’t noticeable to anyone other than the patient. In more severe cases, however, when one breast is a full cup size or more different in size than the other, a corrective breast surgery may be necessary. Depending on the complexity of the case and the aesthetic goals of the patient, a number of procedures may be considered, including breast augmentation, a breast lift, or breast reduction. The goal is to create a symmetrical, natural appearance.  Women can have breast asymmetry that is congenital or it can be noticed after previous breast augmentation surgery.

Asymmetry in Shape & Volume

Almost all women have asymmetry in their breast shape and breast volume.  If the asymmetry is very mild, then the same implant can be used on both sides.  Some women have a much larger breast on one side, those patients, most often times, need a larger implant on the smaller side to provide balance.   Sometimes there are differences in projection.  In this case, a flatter breast may need a more projecting implant and a more projecting breast may need a flatter implant.  Also, some women have droopiness or ptosis on one side compared to the other. If this is significant, they may need a lift to create a more balanced appearance.  In general, every woman in seen as an individual. No two asymmetry cases are the same.  We go through a process of problem solving to determine the best way to correct a woman’s asymmetry.  

Congenital Asymmetry

Congenital asymmetry can be improved by using implants of a different size and sometimes a different projection. If there is a small difference from side to side, then a small change in volume can be all that is needed. If there is a large difference in size and projection then implants of different projections can be used. For example, a moderate profile implant can be used on one side that is more projecting, and a high profile implant on the other side that is flatter. It is always important to keep the widths of the implants similar so that both sides will look the most symmetric

Asymmetry Following Breast Aug

Asymmetry following breast augmentation can be due to many factors including over settling, not enough settling, incomplete dissection or over dissection, capsular contracture (breast hardness), and others. At the time of the consultation, Dr. Gray takes the time to diagnose the cause of the problem. Since there is no “cookie cutter” solution for asymmetry of the breast, Dr. Gray studies each case in detail to find the very best solution.

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