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Non-Surgical Options For Younger-Looking Facial Skin

Posted in Non-Surgical

As we age, our face tends to be the first area of our body to show signs of our years spent on this earth. From sunspots, wrinkles, loose skin, volume loss, and prominent facial lines, these pages of our life story can make us look and feel older than we actually are. In the past,… READ MORE

Four Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatments Customized For Men

Posted in Cosmetic Treatments

Non-invasive treatments can provide beautiful results for both men and women, but men tend to have their own specific set of aesthetic concerns. Most men are generally interested in addressing common signs of aging while maintaining a masculine appearance. Some common concerns specifically for men are stubborn fat pockets or fine lines and wrinkles that… READ MORE

Five Minimally Invasive Treatments to Look Your Best This Summer

Posted in Bay Area Plastic Surgery, Botox, Chemical peels, Dermal Fillers, Liposuction, Plastic Surgery Procedures, Pregnancy, SculpSure®, Tummy Tuck

The winter months are perfect for hibernation, but our social calendars suddenly fill up once the weather gets warmer. Summer is the peak season for social engagements like weekend BBQs, weddings, pool parties, and trips. You deserve to look and feel your absolute best for all of them. At Bay Area Plastic Surgery, Dr. Leonard… READ MORE

8 Spring Skin Care Tips for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Posted in Skin Care

Spring is time for rejuvenation and transformation. The flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer and warmer, and more people are starting to participate in outdoor activities. The harsh cold winter can have our skin feeling dry and flaky, but it is time to embrace the fresh, hydrated, dewy skin of spring. By incorporating… READ MORE

6 Things You Should Know About A Tummy Tuck

Posted in Area Plastic Surgery, Bay Area Plastic Surgery, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck

Life-altering events like having children and losing a significant amount of weight are things that should be relished and celebrated, except sometimes these things can leave the body feeling foreign and not your own. Stretch marks, loose skin, stretched abdominal muscles, amongst other troublesome issues, can have lingering effects both physically and mentally. At Bay Area… READ MORE

4 Popular Body Procedures to Get You Ready for Bikini Season

Posted in Area Plastic Surgery, Brazilian Butt Lift, Breast Lift, Liposuction, SculpSure®, Tummy Tuck

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to get started on the bikini bod. After several months of quarantine when at-home workouts turned into Netflix benders and afternoon cat naps, you may be struggling to sculpt and contour in time to fit into that itty-bitty bikini. Have no fear; Bay Area Plastic Surgery offers several procedures to help… READ MORE

To Breast Lift or Not To Breast Lift?

Posted in Breast Lift

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, genetics, weight loss, and other factors can contribute to breasts losing their youthful perkiness and even start to sag on the chest. These changes are not reserved just for women with large, heavy breast; women with a small bust can also experience deflated breasts. While this condition can be challenging to a person’s… READ MORE