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What Does It Mean When My Doctor Says My Implants Will Drop?

Posted in Breast Implants

The colloquial term “dropping and fluffing” refers to the process of your breast implants officially settling into place after breast augmentation. You may have seen this phrase when researching what to expect after breast enhancement or heard it in a consultation with a plastic surgeon without understanding what it means. It’s a relevant concept because… READ MORE

Ten Things People Can Do to Maintain Their Youth

Posted in Skin Care

It’s no secret that aging is inevitable. But, if we have to age, why not do everything that we can to take care of our bodies and put it off for as long as possible? It turns out, it’s more than just our genes and sun exposure that influence how we age. Read on to… READ MORE

Enhancing Breast Augmentation Results

Posted in Breast Augmentation

Undergoing a cosmetic breast procedure isn’t a decision you should make lightly. It takes time to research surgeons near you, determine whether you are a well-qualified candidate, and learn what to expect during your recovery period. It only makes sense that after you’ve done your due diligence and committed to undergoing surgery, you’d like to… READ MORE

What You Do Before Liposuction Really Matters

Posted in Liposuction

Liposuction offers a safe, versatile, and effective method of removing unwanted fat cells that will not respond to diet and exercise alone. To achieve the best results with liposuction, you must choose a knowledgeable and experienced plastic surgeon. Proper preparation, both mentally and physically, are essential for getting the best results from your upcoming liposuction… READ MORE

Five Spots You Never Knew Could Look So Great After Liposuction

Posted in Liposuction

It’s human nature to nitpick ourselves in the mirror. But, unfortunately, even after undergoing a major weight loss journey, we all have those hard-to-reach areas that refuse to change even with rigorous exercise and a healthy diet. Luckily, liposuction is a tool that can reach these problem areas. At Bay Area Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic… READ MORE

Eye Bags Got You Down? How Can Dermal Fillers Help?

Posted in Dermal Fillers

There’s no bigger downer than looking in the mirror and seeing obvious under-eye bags that make you look more tired and older than you actually are. Under-eye bags are amongst the hardest to treat on your own. Even the most high-end skincare brands claim to have the cure with ingredients like caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and… READ MORE

When Is the Best Time to Get Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Posted in Laser Skin Resurfacing

If you’ve been considering having a laser skin resurfacing treatment, but you’re hesitant because you don’t know if it’s the right time, there is no better time than right now! At Bay Area Plastic Surgery in San Francisco, CA, we encourage our patients to pursue laser resurfacing treatment during the late fall, winter, and early… READ MORE

Five Procedures to Help You Look Your Best for The Holidays

Posted in General Procedures

The holiday season is officially upon us. That means holiday parties, special events, family gatherings, vacations, and tons of other festivities. If you want to make lasting impressions at your holiday events, you may want to consider a cosmetic procedure and gift yourself confidence this holiday season. From the breasts, body, face, and even non-surgical… READ MORE

Tips To Make the Most Of Your FaceTite Results

Posted in FaceTite

Want to put your best face forward as we approach a new year? Even the best diet and skin care routines cannot put a complete stop to the natural aging process of your skin. You may be starting to notice loose skin, unwanted wrinkles, and the slow regression of your jawline and chin. If you’re… READ MORE

When Can I Wear Makeup After My Surgery?

Posted in Cosmetic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery will typically involve incisions, which can lead to scars, bruising, redness, and other skin discolorations for a short time while your skin continues to heal. After your procedure, you may be tempted to cover up these impurities with cosmetics, but it is best to wait. Putting on makeup too soon after surgery… READ MORE