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Body Contouring

Non-Surgical Body Contouring in San Francisco – Bay Area Plastic Surgery

Many patients are concerned with problems such as excess fat and loose skin on various areas of the body but do not want to undergo invasive surgery. While there were not many of these devices available even ten years ago, a variety of popular, proven, and sought-after treatments are now available.

Dr. Leonard Gray, Bay Area Plastic Surgery’s board-certified plastic surgeon, has personally selected each non-surgical body contouring device carefully and with total patient satisfaction in mind. Each non-surgical body contouring method at Bay Area Plastic Surgery is backed by actual data and regularly demonstrates outstanding results.

See how non-surgical body contouring in San Francisco at Bay Area Plastic Surgery can benefit you by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Leonard Gray today! Call (415) 434-8858 or contact us online to get started.

What is Non-Surgical Body Contouring?

Non-surgical body contouring is an umbrella term for non-invasive procedures that reduce fat, tighten the skin, bulk up muscle, or offer a combination of each. Dr. Gray offers several methods of non-surgical body contouring that he has found to be the best of each category.

What Types of Non-Surgical Body Contouring Can I Choose From?

SculpSure® in San Francisco

For non-surgical fat reduction, Dr. Gray highly recommends SculpSure, a device that uses targeted laser energy to heat fat cells under the skin without affecting the skin’s surface. SculpSure’s outstanding results, reliability, and high patient satisfaction levels have made it a consistent industry leader.

SculpSure Benefits


  • Diminishes fat in the abdomen, love handles, back, thighs, and double chin
  • Is FDA approved
  • Requires zero incisions or anesthesia
  • Provide very natural-looking results

SculpSure Procedure

SculpSure’s laser elevates the temperature of fat cells to damage their structural integrity. The body’s natural processes will gradually remove the dead fat cells. In about 25 minutes, SculpSure treats a large area that’s about the size of a loaf of bread. Patients usually say that the device is not painful; they can feel it, but most say it’s very tolerable. Dr. Gray can adjust the strength of the laser for patient comfort. On average, Dr. Gray’s patients experience a 24% reduction in fat with no dents, no skin laxity (the device is a mild skin tightener), no chronic nerve pain, no fat growth, etc. In short, the procedure is highly safe and effective.

SculpSure before and after

SculpSure Results and Aftercare

Dr. Gray performs the procedure on each patient twice, one month apart, to achieve the best results. It typically takes 3-4 months for final results to show up. The device is non-surgical, but it takes a while for the mild swelling to dissipate. Fat cells are permanently removed and will not regenerate, so as long as patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, results are long-lasting.


SculpSure FAQ

SculpSure is a non-invasive treatment that reduces fat an average of 24% in 25 minutes.

Yes. SculpSure permanently reduces fat by destroying the treated fat cells.

In the studies leading to FDA approval, one SculpSure treatment reduced the treated area an average of 24%.

One SculpSure treatment gives an average of 24% permanent fat reduction.

Yes; the SculpSure has four applicators that are about the size of a loaf of bread when placed side-by-side. The four applicators are the equivalent to one treatment. If someone wants to treat many different areas of the body they can be treated sequentially during the visit. Each four-pack counts as one treatment and takes approximately 25 minutes.

Yes. A patient can do their second SculpSure treatment as early as 6 weeks after the initial treatment. With a second treatment in the same area, the patient can expect an additional 24% fat reduction.

A SculpSure treatment is fast. It takes only 25 minutes. Yes, you could do a SculpSure treatment in your lunch hour.

It takes some time for the destroyed fat cells to be processed by the body and for mild swelling to resolve. Generally, it is thought to take 3 months for your results to be complete. People say, however, that they already notice a difference at 4-6 weeks.

Patients are mildly swollen after a SculpSure treatment. They can still fit into their regular clothing and go right back to working out.

There is absolutely no downtime following a SculpSure treatment. You can go right back to work, the gym, or yoga class. There is no restriction on activity following a SculpSure treatment.

Some patients do experience soreness following a SculpSure treatment, similar to that following a workout.

No, SculpSure does not damage skin, nerves, or muscle. The laser specifically targets fat cells only.

Most patients say they feel warmth, tightness, and a slight tingle during their SculpSure treatment, sometimes with a bit of discomfort but not painful. The energy level of the laser can be adjusted so that the treatment is tolerable. According to the studies leading to the FDA approval, patients were asked to report their level of comfort during the treatment. Patients who reported the end point of tolerable warmth and tightness saw an average of 24% permanent fat reduction. In other words, we want you to feel the treatment, but we don’t want you to be in pain!

Yes, the SculpSure treatment is safe for both lighter and darker skin tones. There are no skin changes. There is no skin injury. SculpSure is safe for all skin types.

It took the Cynosure company 8 years to find and perfect a laser that destroyed fat cells and left all other tissues alone. They found that the 1060 nanometer wavelength laser was perfect for that purpose. This 1060nm laser reacts with fat cells only, heats them, and destroys them. It bypasses skin and muscle cells so there is no damage to the skin or underlying structures. Also, the laser does not penetrate deep enough to even affect the deeper structures.

The fat cells treated with SculpSure are heated. They then go through a process called apoptosis where they gradually die out. The dead cells rupture, leaving a cell membrane and triglycerides which are then absorbed by the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system then processes the cellular waste as it would any type of bodily waste. Staying hydrated helps this process along.

No. Studies have shown no increase in triglyceride levels following a SculpSure treatment.

Your body will not make new fat cells after a SculpSure treatment. The number of fat cells that a person has is set and permanent early in life. Adults don’t make new fat cells. So, your body will not replace the fat cells destroyed by SculpSure.

Yes. If a person takes in too many calories, it causes fat cells to increase in size. If you lose weight, your fat cells shrink. Fat cells do not increase or decrease in number.

SculpSure is the newest and most advanced, FDA approved, non-invasive fat reduction technology available. It surpasses fat freezing in the following ways:

SculpSure is very fast- a treatment takes only 25 minutes

SculpSure is not painful- a treatment is meant to be comfortable and tolerable. Post treatment people are not sore and resume their regular activities immediately.

SculpSure only treats the fat. There is no damage to skin, nerves, or muscle as reported with the freezing technique.

SculpSure is not associated with dents, irregularities, or skin changes as seen with the freezing technique

SculpSure is not associated with long-term chronic nerve pain as seen with the freezing technique

SculpSure is much less expensive than liposuction surgery and has no downtime with minimal risk. SculpSure costs about the same as cryolipolysis (freezing fat) but does not have the complications of denting, irregularities, step-offs, skin damage, pain, or chronic nerve pain.

Yes, SculpSure was FDA approved for permanent fat reduction near the end of 2015. The FDA clearance studies looked at fat reduction of the abdomen, flanks, and hips. They found an average of 24% reduction following one 25 minute treatment, with virtually zero side-effects. The approval process was quicker than expected because of the safety and effectiveness.

Yes; SculpSure was found to tighten the skin during a fat reduction treatment. It may work by tightening the collagen bonds between the skin and underlying muscle. There is no recovery from this skin tightening effect.

SculpSure will have other applicators available in the near future for specific treatment areas such as the submental region, or the area under the chin.

Yes, we have successfully treated many areas of the body with SculpSure and the results have been equally impressive. Areas that we have successfully treated include the upper arms, anterior and lateral chest (especially in men), bra roll area, inner thighs, outer thighs, medial knee, upper knees, and lower legs such as the calves.

BodyTite® in San Francisco

Whether from weight loss, age, pregnancy, or other factors, skin laxity can occur on multiple areas of the body. Dr. Grey’s skin tightening device of choice is BodyTite, a platform that harnesses bi-polar radiofrequency energy to safely and effectively contract and contour the skin. Along with its facial skin companion, FaceTite®, BodyTite has become the skin tightening method of choice for Dr. Gray because of its many proven advantages.

BodyTite Benefits


  • Can tighten skin on the stomach, arms, breasts, chest, knees, and inner/outer thighs.
  • Is FDA approved
  • Requires only one small opening
  • Provides immediate and long-lasting skin tightening effects
  • Has no downtime

BodyTite Procedure

The device utilizes two radio frequency transmitting probes; one is slid into your body through a small incision and the other is kept on the outside of the skin. As Dr. Gray moves the RF handpiece, the device sends electrical currents between the two probes to contract the skin. BodyTite works very quickly and only requires one “needle hole” sized puncture for the device’s probe to enter, which can be closed up with Dermaflex™ glue after the procedure. Patients will be placed under local anesthesia and will feel little to no pain during the process.

BodyTite Results & Aftercare

Procedural data shows that the average patient will experience 15-20% tightening immediately and about 40% tightening after four months to a year. Dr. Gray frequently combines this procedure with liposuction for optimal fat removal and skin tightening results. Patients will experience some bruising and swelling, but this should not last very long. Tightening will continue to happen for a year and sometimes more for certain patients. The results should be enduring, but they will not prevent future signs of aging from occurring. Patients can usually return to work the very next day, but they should hold off on heavy exercise for the next week or so.

Emsculpt NEO® in San Francisco

Emsculpt NEO® takes it a step farther than its predecessor Emsculpt by reducing fat and increasing muscle development. Its power comes from simultaneously emitting both radiofrequency energies and high-intensity electromagnetic energies. The end result is more fat reduction and more muscle growth than any other gold-standard product, for less of your time and money.

Best of all, EmSculpt NEO® is safe for all skin types, and the results are the equivalent of a 12-16 week intense HIIT training camp, but without the lengthy time commitment.

Emsculpt NEO Benefits

  • Can be used on the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, calves, biceps, and triceps
  • Adds muscle definition and strength by 24%
  • Reduces fat by 30%
  • Requires zero recovery time
  • Is FDA approved
  • Boost metabolism

How Emsculpt NEO Works

Emsculpt NEO uses an applicator that works by emitting synchronized RF and HIFEM+ energies. The radiofrequency heating raises the temperature of the muscles by several degrees, a similar phenomenon to a warm up activity meant to prepare your muscles for intense stress. In less than 4 minutes, the muscles have reached a temperature level that causes apoptosis, a point when fat cells are permanently damaged and slowly removed from the body. Clinical studies showed an average of 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and a 25% growth in muscle volume.

Emsculpt NEO Results and Recovery

Patients enjoy their results to Emsculpt NEO for about six months or longer, depending on their exercise and diet consistency. It is recommended that patients maintain a healthy diet and exercise, along with regular follow-up Emsculpt NEO session every few months. The most common side effects of EmSculpt NEO include a mild feeling of muscle soreness, similar to what you might feel after an intense workout. There is generally no recovery time associated with treatment sessions, and patients can resume their normal activities immediately after their session.

Dr. Leonard Gray

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Dr. Gray is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience conducting surgical procedures of the breast, body, and face. His emphasis on patient education and attention to detail have made him the top choice for plastic surgery in the Bay Area. Dr. Gray invites you to meet with him for a friendly and informative consultation.

FAQs: Emsculpt

The cost of your EMSCULPT treatment will include the total number of sessions Dr. Gray recommends to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. This could include multiple sessions. We encourage patients to focus on the end goal of attaining a chiseled and toned physique versus the cost of each individual session. To help you afford your treatment, we accept a number of payment methods and may be able to help you apply for medical financing.

The best candidates for EMSCULPT maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine and are at a stable weight. EMSCULPT is not a weight loss solution and will not provide favorable results for those with high body fat percentages. To learn whether EMSCULPT is a good treatment for you, schedule a consultation at Bay Area Plastic Surgery.

In most cases, patients need up to six sessions to achieve their goal look. Many patients notice mild results after each session. To learn how many sessions are recommended for you, schedule a meeting with Dr. Gray who will assess your body type and aesthetic goals and help create a treatment plan for you.

While many patients notice results after each session, the most dramatic results will not be noticeable for a few weeks while you attend repeat sessions. Additionally, as is the case with any muscle mass, you will need to continue working out and maintain a stable weight to protect and prolong your results.

SmoothShapes in San Francisco, CA

model posing to show posterior

SmoothShapes is a noninvasive procedure offered by San Francisco, CA board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Leonard Gray. The treatment helps eliminate cellulite, and assists in achieving visible improvement in body shape and skin tone. The treatment utilizes suction and low-level laser energy to massage the tissue, helping move fluid through the lymphatic system, and smooth the appearance of dimples in the skin. It is the perfect treatment for post-op liposuction patients, as well as anyone looking to smooth the thighs, abdomen, or buttocks. The treatment plan consists of 8 sessions, twice a week, for four weeks for beautiful, flawless results.

During & After The Procedure

Through the use of photomology, SmoothShapes uses a combination of laser and light wavelengths to specifically target cellulite. The treatment area will be properly prepped. The 650 NM wavelength will penetrate the fat cell membrane and make it permeable and more accommodating to be effectively removed. Then, the 915 NM wavelength will penetrate deep into the tissue to elevate the temperature, which will liquefy the fat to move it out of the fat cell. Rollers will massage the area and will be combined with suction to move the fat into the lymphatic system to allow the fat to be eliminated from the body. The entire procedure takes around 20 minutes.

After the procedure, a patient will experience no downtime. There might be a slight soreness that should subside within a few hours. No pain medications should be needed. Patients might notice a slight improvement in the treatment area immediately, but full results should be achieved after 8 sessions. Improved skin should be tighter and smoother as a result.

SmoothShapes FAQS

SmoothShapes can be used virtually anywhere on the body to reduce cellulite. The treatment is most commonly used on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs.

Since SmoothShapes is noninvasive with no needles or incisions, the procedure should be virtually painless. Most patients experience a warm sensation from the laser, and pressure from the massage. The sensations are comparable to a deep tissue massage. Patients might experience slight soreness afterward that should subside soon afterward.

Most patients will need 8 treatments to produce optimal results, which are normally performed twice per week.

Want to Learn More?

Ready to regain your youthful looks through non-surgical procedures? Bay Area Plastic Surgery invites you to come in for a consultation in which you can learn more about your options, ask questions, and discover how a non-surgical body contouring can uniquely benefit you.

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