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Bay Area Liposuction in San Francisco by Dr. Leonard Gray

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Patients with sections of excess fat have long turned to liposuction as their treatment of choice. While the procedure has been popular for many years and is offered by many providers, it takes the knowledge and expertise of a meticulous, accomplished, and board-certified plastic surgeon to deliver the very best outcome.

Dr. Leonard Gray, our San Francisco based board-certified plastic surgeon, has spent many years developing his results-oriented liposuction techniques. Always striving for perfection, Dr. Gray is known throughout the Bay Area for delivering highly contoured and lasting liposuction results. Dr. Gray invites you to come in for an informative consultation to see how you can benefit from liposuction.

Learn more about liposuction in San Francisco by reading on or reach out to Dr. Gray and Bay Area Plastic Surgery by calling 415-434-8858 or contacting us online today!

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction removes pockets of stubborn fat from various areas of the body, including the abdomen, waist, hips, inner thighs, knees, arms, chest, back, and underneath the chin. It has been around for quite some time but continues to improve with new techniques and developments. Dr. Gray has practiced liposuction for many years with the intent of bringing his patients the most flawless results possible. It should be noted that liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure; rather, it is a way to remove the last bits of fat that are hard to reach by working out or eating right.

What Are The Benefits Of Liposuction?

Liposuction offers many outstanding benefits, particularly when administered by a specialist of Dr. Gray’s caliber.

Dr. Gray’s liposuction patients frequently enjoy:

  • Maximal contouring of the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, knees, and more.
  • A slimmer, sleeker profile.
  • A defined, S-curve body shape.
  • Smooth, even, and natural looking results.
  • Few, small, and concealable scars.
  • No asymmetry, depressions, or inconsistencies.
  • Enhanced self-confidence.
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Stunning natural results

Dr. Gray’s training, precision, and personalized treatment plans provide genuinely outstanding results. Want to see for yourself? Follow the link below to view before and after pictures of Dr. Gray’s actual patients.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Gray as My San Francisco Liposuction Surgeon?

It is imperative that you receive liposuction from a specialist who has your best interest in mind, has done many liposuction procedures, and is board-certified. Dr. Gray’s philosophy is to provide his patients with the most aggressive results while maintaining safety and precision.

Dr. Gray puts every effort into avoiding asymmetry, denting, and other issues that some associate with liposuction. Our patients love their maximally contoured and even results, as can be seen by our many positive reviews!

Dr. Leonard Gray

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Instilling Beauty
Inspiring Confidence

Dr. Gray is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience conducting surgical procedures of the breast, body, and face. His emphasis on patient education and attention to detail have made him the top choice for plastic surgery in the Bay Area. Dr. Gray invites you to meet with him for a friendly and informative consultation.

What Type of Liposuction Does Dr. Gray Use?

There are many forms of liposuction, including laser liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, 360 lipo, and more. After carefully assessing the capabilities and benefits of each method, Dr. Gray personally selected power-assisted liposuction.

Power-assisted liposuction utilizes a cannula with a vibrating tip to break down dense fat deposits quicker and easier for a faster recovery. This method has become Dr. Gray’s choice method, as it allows him to reach outstanding results safely, efficiently, and precisely.

How is Power-Assisted Liposuction Performed?

Your procedure will be performed under general anesthesia in Bay Area Plastic Surgery’s accredited surgical center. Dr. Gray first makes a small,hidden incision in which a cannula can be inserted. He then adds a tumescent solution comprised of saline, a local anesthetic (typically lidocaine), as well as a vasoconstrictor (normally epinephrine) to reduce bleeding. The cannula is then moved back and forth to loosen fatty deposits and simultaneously suction away the tissue. 

Because the tip of the cannula vibrates, the process removes the fatty deposits more cleanly and quickly. Dr. Gray performs this procedure under general anesthesia, as he has found that this is the best way to ensure patient comfort.

What Can I Expect in my Liposuction Recovery?

Liposuction recovery is very manageable for most patients, especially since Dr. Gray’s methods allow for a fast and efficient recovery process. You will be given a full list of aftercare instructions to help you throughout your recovery phase.

Patients can generally expect:

Liposuction an outpatient procedure, meaning the majority of patients can go home on the same day. You will still need to arrange for someone to take you home afterward.

You will likely have moderate discomfort for the first several days, but Dr. Gray can prescribe you prescription medications and detailed aftercare instructions to help manage this. Pain and soreness typically dissipate within several weeks, while swelling can last around 6 weeks.

 A compression garment kit consisting of two garments is purchased for each liposuction patient. These garments are hand made locally and the size is based on each individuals measurements. You will wear a compression garment home after surgery.

Many patients with low-exertion jobs return to work after 1-2 Others with more demanding jobs may need to wait a bit longer. After about four weeks, most people are able to resume light exercise, but any heavy or strenuous activity should still be avoided. Dr. Gray can help you decide these things in your follow-up appointments.

Dr. Gray and his team care about each patient’s well-being. He will schedule follow-ups with you and make himself available if you have any questions, issues, or concerns.

Lastly, patients choose Dr. Gray because of his reputation for providing the great results they desire. Dr. Gray will do everything he can to see that your outcome exceeds your expectations! You should see your full results develop over the next 4-6 weeks as your swelling and bruising continue to heal.

Ready to Learn More?

To see how liposuction in San Francisco can help you obtain your ideal body, please reach out to Bay Area Plastic Surgery today! Call 415-434-8858 or contact us online today to get started. Also, be sure to view our FAQ section for more useful information. 

Best Liposuction in San Francisco — Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dr. Gray offers liposuction fat transfer to several areas. Patients choose a Brazilian butt lift to transfer fat to the butt. Some may also choose to transfer fat to the breast. You can read more about fat transfer and Brazilian butt lift options by following the link.

Yes, Dr. Gray sees about a 10% natural skin tightening with his patients after a liposuction procedure. Patients often want even more tightening from a liposuction procedure. BodyTite and FaceTite are bi-polar radiofrequency skin tightening devices that can effectively tighten up multiple areas of skin after liposuction. Dr. Gray offers both of these industry-leading methods.

Liposuction cost depends on your procedure’s extent, how many areas you are addressing, and other factors. Dr. Gray will provide you with a detailed estimate after you have been evaluated in a consultation. We also offer financing options through Carecredit and Alphaeon. 

Yes, Dr. Gray regularly performs liposuction procedures for both men and women.

We perform liposuction of the entire trunk from the pubic area to the chest and all the way around the back. Our liposuction 360 is also scarless. Be sure to ask Dr. Gray if he thinks 360 liposuction is right for you. 

In addition to his surgical specialties of the breast and face, Dr. Gray is also an expert in body contouring procedures, including tummy tuck, mommy makeover, non-surgical skin tightening, and more. Dr. Gray will help you decide which options would be best for you when you meet with him in a consultation.