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Finding the Right Time for A Mommy Makeover

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It can be tempting to want your pre-baby body back right away, but timing is everything when it comes to cosmetic surgeries. The months following the birth of your new baby can be challenging for everyone in the family. As a parent, you must find ways to juggle your own needs amongst the needs of those in your family unit. You’re running on limited to no sleep, younger children want all of your time and attention, and you’re still dealing with the normal stressors that accompany life. Struggling to process the extreme physical toll of childbirth is just one more difficulty that you have to face once your baby is born.

If you’ve been considering a mommy makeover, but you’re struggling to decide when the best time for surgery is, keep reading to learn more about when other mothers like you made the jump to get their pre-pregnancy body back.

Problem Areas Despite Healthy Lifestyle

If you’ve been dieting and exercising but still can’t seem to lose that stubborn weight in problem areas, now could be a good time for your mommy makeover. Whether it’s liposuction on your lower stomach or thighs, a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or another procedure, you’ll see the best results with a mommy makeover if you’re at or near your target weight.

You’ve Completed Your Family

Another important thing to consider before deciding to undergo your mommy makeover is whether you’ve finished adding to your family. Pregnancy after a mommy makeover won’t add any risk to your pregnancy, but it will negatively impact your mommy makeover results and potentially require future procedures. A qualified cosmetic surgeon will advise patients to wait until their family is complete before considering any cosmetic treatment.

Consider Your Recovery

As a mother, considering the recovery period for a mommy makeover is an essential factor. You must keep in mind that you won’t be able to care for yourself for at least two weeks following your surgery, so taking care of your family will not be a possibility.

The full recovery period can last up to six weeks, and in this time, you shouldn’t engage in any strenuous activity or heavy lifting. In this context, heaving lifting refers to any weight over ten pounds, which is what most children and strollers exceed. You must also have support during your recovery period. Finding a trusted family member or friend to help during this time is crucial.

Are Your Ready for Your Mommy Makeover In San Francisco, CA?

Finding the right time to get a mommy makeover requires personal and professional opinions and consideration. Dr. Leonard Gray at Bay Area Plastic Surgery in San Francisco can help you plan your surgery, recovery, and when the perfect time is for you to undergo this transformative treatment safely in order to achieve the best results. For more information, call our office at (628) 265-0219 or schedule your consultation through our website.