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Want To Go Bigger Or Smaller? Maybe You Need a Breast Implant Exchange

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If you’ve undergone breast augmentation and would now like to change the size of your implants, you have options! You are not alone when it comes to changing your mind about the size of your implants; many women who have a breast augmentation choose to have a breast implant exchange later due to lifestyle changes, physical reasons, or for an aesthetic change.

Regardless of the reason, this is a highly personal decision that involves consideration before committing. Here are some important things to consider before going bigger or smaller in a breast implant exchange.

Going Bigger

Most women who want to change the size of their implants choose to go bigger. This may be a result of an excessive amount of caution when they decide to undergo their first breast augmentation. It’s a natural tendency to take caution and not want to overdo it with implants that might be too large. Then, when the swelling has gone down, and the breast have settled into their permanent position, you may have wanted a more significant change. Or perhaps your body has changed over the years, and larger implants may be needed to create natural-looking curves and better harmony amongst your physical features.

When exchanging for larger breast implants, an incision is made along the scars from the previous procedure in order to remove the existing implants. The surgeon will then place the new implants in the same breast pocket. While it may sound straightforward, it is a highly complex procedure that involves customization and care to minimize scarring. The new implants must be placed within the layers of scar tissue that have formed around the old implants to ensure natural-looking and long-lasting positioning.

Going Smaller

If you’re constantly bothered by implants that feel too large but still want some curves, the exchange can be done to make them smaller. The procedure to change to smaller implants is much the same as the procedure to get larger implants. However, it may also involve some tightening and removing of scar tissue or skin that has stretched over time to accommodate the larger implants. In some cases, Dr. Gray may also place Acellular Dermal Matrix into the lower part of the breast implant pocket to hold the new implants in place.

You may want to consider combining your implant exchange with a breast lift to give your smaller breasts a more rounded, firm, and uplifted form. A breast lift can address flattening that may occur with a change to smaller implants and correct sagging often caused by larger implants, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

Learn More About Breast Implant Exchange In San Francisco

When considering your implant replacement options, you should first and foremost choose a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. Seek out a doctor who is board-certified and has a record of producing incredibly beautiful and customized results, and who will also advise you on the best choice for your body type.

Dr. Leonard Gray at Bay Area Plastic Surgery is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the body. To learn more about a breast exchange with Dr. Gray, call us at (628) 265-0219 or contact us through our website to schedule your consultation today!