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Dos and Don’ts After BBL

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All over the world, Brazilian Butt lift surgery continues to grow in popularity year after year. With this nearly scar-free procedure and the added benefit of extra body contouring, BBL plastic surgery is a more natural body contouring method as it uses unwanted fat cells from a secondary location to make their buttocks look bigger, higher, and shapelier.

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What Can You Not Do After BBL?

What not to do after BBL surgery:

  • Sit– It may come as a surprise how much you sit throughout your day without realizing it, but for three weeks after your Brazilian Butt Lift, you must avoid sitting as much as possible. Sitting down, even on a cushion, creates a great deal of pressure on the delicate fat cells in your new bottom. You can use the toilet, but otherwise, avoid sitting as much as you can.
  • Squat or Stretch- Similar to sitting, these activities increase pressure on your buttock and can cause damage or shift the transferred fat.
  • Sleep on your back– If you’re worried about unconsciously rolling over while you’re asleep and inadvertently putting pressure on your buttock, sleep with a tennis ball in the back of a snug stretchy t-shirt or even wear a backpack when you go to bed to avoid risking the results of your surgery.
  • Smoke- The nicotine in cigarettes can dramatically reduce the circulation in tiny blood vessels, preventing oxygen and nutrients from being delivered to the transferred fat. Quit smoking at least a month before your surgery, and don’t resume the habit for at least one month after.
  • Apply Ice- Even if you have swelling after your procedure, avoid using ice because it can be difficult to sense when your skin is too cold since some residual numbness may still be present after your surgery. If your skin is too cold, you’ll slow the blood circulation too much. Cold packs can be applied in short intervals, but make sure to ask your plastic surgeon first.

What Can You Do After BBL?

What to do after BBL surgery:

  • Wear Your Compression Garment- Your surgeon will provide a stretchy garment to support your waist and hips as you recover from your butt lift. It helps to hold transplanted fat in the right place. The garment not only holds everything where it needs to be, but it can also help to reduce swelling and discomfort.
  • Exercise Lightly- Take slow, short walks twice a day to boost circulation throughout your body. This can reduce swelling and promote faster healing. As time passes, you can gradually increase your distance and pace as long as your plastic surgeon says it is safe for you to do so.
  • Practice Patience- It can be quite an exciting time after surgery. You’re ready to see your results and show off your bodacious body, but keep in mind that the first three weeks are the most critical stage for transplanted fat cells to establish themselves. Having the right expectations will make all the difference when it comes to recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From BBL?

After BBL surgery, it takes approximately six weeks to recover. At this point, you should be able to tell how much fat has survived the transfer process. There should be no further fat loss after this point, and your results should stay consistent.  

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